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Hi, I’m Julia. Are you a busy professional service provider?

So many projects on your desk, and so little time to write?

Most businesses have a ravenous content monster that needs to be fed constantly.

Blog posts, marketing materials, case studies, email newsletters, web-copy makeovers?

Do these keep getting shuffled to tomorrow’s to-do list?

I’ve run my own businesses for a dozen years now. Your business matters to me! I offer researched, targeted help to strategize and create warm, compelling SEO content specifically for your business. Your marketing message is a BIG deal. After all, you’ve worked crazy hard to build your business.

A one-size-fits-all template will not work for you!

Yawn! Maybe your content suffers from “boringitis” or lack of fresh content to bring up your SEO rankings?

You have worked hard for that looong list of credentials, true! Your target market, however, has a short wish list.

They want to know what YOU can do for THEM.

But, you can’t even get them to click on your page! The competition is loud.

Do you “show and tell” your best solutions to their problems? Is your SEO updated and relevant?

Are you lacking case studies and client success stories?

When my Grandpa started telling his Depression Era stories or about his service in World War II, we were all ears! Young and old, we all gathered round.

We never outgrow stories.

The business stories that spread like wildfire begin with, “Did you know what so-and-so likes about this business?”

Suddenly your business credibility grows because YOU helped someone solve a problem that is just like your potential client’s problem.

Check out a case study sample here: http://www.marketingcontentsolutions.com/275-success-story-1

See what my happy clients say here:  http://www.marketingcontentsolutions.com/success-story-testimonials

So let’s “Git ‘er done, already!”

Listening, learning, and telling YOUR story is what I love to do. I had a great storytelling mentor, after all! Thanks, Grandpa!

See my research process here: How I Write

Grow your business today with fresh content that helps you build quality relationships with your future clients and boosts your SEO!

I offer a free 30 minute consultation! Call me at 443-362-8789 (Please leave a message to schedule as I focus on one important client at a time!)

Or send an e-mail to julia@marketingcontentsolutions.com