How I Write

My Writing System & Procedures


The best relationships start with great communication. Hiring a content writer is no different. You are wondering what it would be like to work with me, so this where I clear up as many mysteries as possible. With a writing system and procedures in place, our common goals and objectives can be clearly laid out. We both want your project to run as smoothly as possible. Let’s make your next project a focused success!


Contact and Communication Policies: Please call anytime! If I have a break in my schedule, I will pick up the phone. Otherwise:

I am available by phone from 6:30 to 9p.m. EST, Tuesdays through Fridays.  While writing is currently my side-gig, I take my clients very seriously! I will schedule a launch call for you during business hours at my next available slot.  For general inquiries, evenings are usually the best time to reach me by phone. You can always leave a text or voice mail for me at 443-362-8789. Email is also great! You can reach me at

Project Discussion and Discovery Questionnaire:

After our initial telephone conversation, I will email you a complete Discovery Questionnaire. Both of us will benefit from clearly defining your business marketing goals, your unique selling proposition (USP), and the project(s) you have in mind. Please return this to me as quickly as possible. For most clients, this will be approximately one to three business days.

When I receive your Questionnaire, I will carefully review your answers. I will reach out to you for missing details and relevant questions. My goal is to quickly understand your business product or service, your company’s “voice”, and your sales process. I will then follow up in three to five business days by scheduling a Launch Call.

The Launch Call:

To discuss launching any project, we will need at least 20 minutes of time. During this call we will discuss the project in detail. Please bring any additional directions and insights you have on the project to the table as we talk.

Following the Launch Call, I will draft and send you an Agreement.

Investment and Getting Started:

The Agreement will contain no big surprises! We will have discussed pricing and project details, but it is important to lay things out clearly in writing. Terms of payment must be agreed upon before a project begins. (Note: To begin writing a project, I require 50% down, with the final 50% due upon completion. There is a 10% discount available to clients who pay in full up front.)  Most clients prefer to pay by check or credit card. Once your initial payment has been received, along with your approval of the Agreement, I will promptly begin working on your copy. After a contract/ agreement is signed, please be aware that changes in scope or direction of project that you ask for are extra. LIke a good mechanic, I will let you know what the additional fee would be before changing directions at your request.


I like to dig deep to find out all I can about your company, your target audience, your goals, and the best possible ways to enhance your content marketing success! Maybe the Discovery Questionnaire already gave you that clue!

Please send me a “care package” with all your marketing materials right off the bat. In some cases, I may ask to speak to your sales team, customer service, or different department heads.

I will reach out to you as needed for additional details.


How would you prefer to communicate?  Knowing this will be critical to the success of our project! Many clients are very busy and only want to review the first draft when it is ready. Some want to communicate more frequently.

Please email me and give me your preference of how you would like to be reached: phone, email, or text. Also let me know what times are best to reach you.

Will someone else be my primary contact or additional contact during this project? Ideally, let’s limit the “point of contact” people to one or two individuals to avoid confusion and mixed messages.

Review of First Drafts:

Normally, you will receive a first draft within three to ten business days, depending on the project size and scope. When you receive the first draft, please confirm that you got it. Then carefully review it. Any applicable team members should review it also. If you are under a deadline crunch, please let me know at the outset of the project. Deadlines are very important to me.



Although I will confidently write compelling copy for your initial draft, it is likely you will see some things you want to change. You can turn on “Track Changes” in the Word document and note them there. Then send the document back to me with the changes marked. I will review these changes within one to two business days. Depending on the extent of the changes, these all will be made within two to three business days.

Your satisfaction is truly important to me!  Honesty is also a key factor. In some instances, my clients will make suggestions that I feel will not work. I will give you my honest feedback. When clients really want these changes, especially for email marketing or direct mail, I always recommend a simple A/B split test. Let the market vote!

Additional Reviews:

After the initial round of revisions, there may be some additional fine-tuning needed. I will gladly work with you until you are delighted with the copy. Most of the time, one round is all that is needed. I’m a detail-oriented gal. So if additional changes are desired, they are usually small and can be completed quickly. Typically this means you can get your final copy in one or two business days.

Final Approval:

I submit the final draft with all the requested revisions. Your copy is ready! At this point you approve the copy by sending me an email stating that the copy is good to go. Once you receive the final draft and I receive your final approval, I will invoice you for the remaining 50% of the project investment, due upon receipt. Again, prompt communication and prompt payment make for a great professional working relationship!


Final Note: In most cases, the final copy is sent to a designer for formatting. I strongly encourage you to send me a PDF of the final version. This allows me to double check that the graphical elements enhance the copy and make it more effective. I will bring anything distracting that may hurt your response rates to your attention. If requested, I am happy to work with your design team to make any changes needed to make the end version as successful as possible.


Transition to New Projects:

Once your shiny, new copy is doing its job, I like to provide a complimentary follow-up consultation for my clients.

I will want to see your Google Analytics if SEO ranking was your goal! Having a “before and after” view let us know how things are progressing.

We spend a few minutes on the phone talking about what went well, and where improvements can be made. Based on your Discovery Questionnaire, we may look at additional ways and projects that will improve your profits. If desired, we can map out the next project needed to provide you with compelling copy that enhances your business goals and grows your success.

Want to take a peek at my pricing?

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